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    Experienced Advice + Agile Thinking + Implementation Support to reset business plans.​


    Implemented by industry veterans to help companies to survive and thrive in the changed and challenging business scenario.

  • Businesses do not have the luxury of making mistakes.


    The impact of the Corona virus led circumstances, in the short term, will require all businesses to recast their business plans. All companies, including startups will be hit hard. And they will need significant help in reworking their plans, and building a foundation for securing their future.


    They have one shot at getting their pivots right. Mistakes at this stage will be expensive.


    The Reset Program is a consortium of industry veterans - entrepreneurs and senior professionals who have led their companies through business cycles.


    Think of us as the advisory board you wish you had.


  • Some new opportunities will emerge from the changed circumstances.


    As businesses rework their strategies and operations, founders and leadership teams will benefit from experienced perspectives and feedback from seasoned entrepreneurs, senior professionals and investors who have lead their companies through a few downturns in the past.

  • Team

    We are a group of experienced entrepreneurs, senior professionals and investors who collaborate to bring experienced insights and perspectives to founders.

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    Thomas Abraham

    Growth catalyst with track record of scaling up and building strategic partnerships for start-ups in India and globally.

    Founder, T-Ventures and HR2Tech.com


    Ex-CXO with over 30 years experience across wide range of industries.

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    Ashutosh Garg

    Storyteller, Author, Business Coach, Shopkeeper, Manager
    Founder - The Brand Called You
    Founder - Guardian Pharmacy
    Founder - eQuation Coaching
    Ex-MD of ITC, Global, Singapore
    Ex-Lockheed Martin and Hughes

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    Prajakt Raut

    Founder Applyifi

    Ex-Asia Director - TiE

    Ex-Head of Operations - Indian Angel Network


    Entrepreneurship evangelist

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    Manish Sinha

    Founder - The Unhotel Co.

    Ex-Co founder Oravel (now Oyo)


    Creative strategist. 15 plus years in leading advertising agencies. Building brands.



  • Three modules that you can choose based on your needs

    REFLECT (2 week)

    Business review and revised strategy recommendations


    4 online sessions spread over 2 weeks.


    What you get

    Deep-dive review of the business by a 4-member panel of industry experts.


    Followed by a set of actionable recommendations on what your business could do to address the challenges and leverage the opportunities created by the changed circumstances.


    REFRESH (3 month)

    Refreshing your business plan to make the business thrive


    3-month program with weekly online sessions


    What you get?

    Everything in the previous plan

    Plus advice and assistance in crafting the business strategy, go-to-market plans, financial model, marketing program design, sales program design.

    Funding strategy: How much to raise, from whom, and what instruments.


    RESET (ongoing)

    Implementing the plan



    On-going program .



    What you get?

    Everything in the previous plan

    Plus our team will work closely with you in helping you execute the plan.


    This includes potential customer connects and assistance in raising capital.

  • Who should apply?

    The program is most relevant for companies that are In their growth and early-growth stage.

    • Companies with clearly established product-market fit and proven models. 
    • Businesses staring at significant challenges that they need to respond to very quickly 
    • Companies looking at opportunities that need quick rearrangement 
    • Companies that are looking at fundamental building blocks to benefit from these opportunities.

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    Why is it important to do this well?

    The unprecedented current situation will cause a lot of pain, and things will be in a flux for a while. If not having a sharp, well-defined strategy was a handicap in the past, in today’s circumstances it can be fatal for the business.


    Business leaders typically may not have the bandwidth and resources to sit down to plan and rework their strategy for the short, mid and long term. Their style is typically to respond to situations as they happen. This is like fixing the plane while you are flying it.


  • The impact of the Corona virus led circumstances will require all businesses to recast their business plans.

    Businesses will be hit hard.

    Areas of impact

    • Funding will dry out… at least will be much more challenging to raise capital.
    • Revenues will be hit. Enterprise clients will defer new initiatives. Consumers will defer discretionary spends.
    • The way businesses operate will change. Virtual meetings will be the new normal.
    • A much larger portion of the population will become digitally savvy.
    • In the long term we will see new opportunities as companies reduce their dependencies on China and other manufacturing hubs.
    • Working from home will become a reality 
    • Significant impact on HR policies and processes 
    • More adoption of technology 
    • Significant pressure for cost reduction 
    • Go-to-market plans will change 

    What to do?

    • Extend the runway: Estimate revenue loss and adjust plans to double your runway… ideally reach self-sustainability.
    • Reassess the value proposition, and the price-value equation. 
    • Focus on survival and profitable growth and, not chase growth at any cost.
    • Explore new opportunities. If your sector actually benefits from the new circumstances, get your strategy, team and resources ready for it.
    • Significantly sharpen go-to-market plans and reassess media-mix.
  • #The Reset Program's one-on-one interactions will include insights and implementation assistance on the following

    We are a group of experienced entrepreneurs, senior professionals and investors who have led companies through previous downturns.


    A statement of what we want to achieve.


    A statement of why we exist, why did we start this venture, what is our value proposition. (Starting with a clear definition of the mission statement is a good starting point as it becomes the true North which everything else can then be aligned to).

    Business strategy

    A series of ways in which you will achieve your vision and mission.

    Fund raising strategy

    How much money do we need, in what tranches and what are the available options e.g. equity (family & friends, angels, VCs), debt, convertible note, project finance, peer-lending, grants, etc.)

    Product strategy

    Products, value propositions from the products, pricing, model of delivery, etc. are just some of the aspects that companies will need to rethink.​

    Market penetration strategy

    How do we expand sales of our existing products in existing markets and customer segments (this will also dovetail into your media, distribution and channel partnership strategy)

    Market development strategy

    How do we expand our market - this could be new markets, or new consumers in the future

    Diversification strategy

    Leveraging some things from your current business, what new revenue lines / businesses / value proposition can be launched in the future

    Sustainable competitive advantage

    What will give you a defensible differentiator…. That will be hard for someone to replicate.


    What do we focus on, and when.​

    All this, and more, will drive the brand communication strategy.

  • Thought leadership

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    Business Coaching, is a direct one-on-one interaction between two individuals in a regular and structured conversation. This is done to address and handle business challenges faced by one individual by drawing upon the experience of another individual.


    Every Startup Entrepreneur needs a coach.


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