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Persistence and resilience often make the difference between success and failure

By Prajakt Raut - Founder Applyifi

· Startup - Live Life

Entrepreneurial history is full of success stories of those who stayed long enough and treaded along patiently. 

Your business plans will usually not go as you want them to. Resilience - the ability to try again and again - and persistence in pursuing what you believe to be appropriate helps entrepreneurs sail through tough times. Irrespective of all the obstacles and setbacks that come in your way, it’s important that you don’t take your eyes off your goal.

Often we see startups make the mistake of changing their business models or price-points or customer segments, etc. quickly, if they do not see quick traction in the market. But how can you be sure if by changing often you are being nimble and agile, or if you are making the mistake of changing too soon without giving the concept/model the time it needs to settle into the market? There is no right answer to this question, and my goal was to just alert you to this point so that you could assess the situation deeply before taking a decision to change or retain.

Likewise with customers. Being persistent in chasing them even if they have not bought after the first attempt is often a game changer. Not that I am saying go to them with the same solution again and again. That may not be prudent. But if you go to them with solutions that could be useful to them, there is a possibility of getting an opportunity. (I am told that one successful brand took almost 3 years to close a contract with one of the largest IT companies in India, and that was one of their initial contracts that helped establish them in the market).

By Prajakt Raut - Founder applyifi