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Observations from Startegies Camp at Forge (Coimbatore)

By Prajakt Raut - Founder Applyifi


Applyifi helps startups refine their business plans and investor pitch deck [].

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Sharing my experiences from the Startegies Camp program hosted by Forge, one of India's few hardware incubator and accelerator that is doing some stellar work in helping entrepreneurs succeed. They also run one of the most meaningful and practical entrepreneurship and hardware product development programs that helps industry get solutions developed by students. 

STARTegies Camp is a 4-day immersive learning, mentoring, selling & pitching experience for hardware startups. A bootcamp of sorts to help founders learn and apply the MVB framework to build their innovations into high-growth enterprises.

It was my pleasure to conduct a masterclass on creating a business plan and investor pitch deck. You can view the presentation on this link

It was encouraging to see some good quality startups, especially from places like Cochin, Pune, Coimbatore, etc. 

Here are a few that caught my eye

Sastra had developed robotic solutions that mimic human action, and which are designed for automating testing of equipment and products like mobile phons, medical equipment, etc. Their platform  can handle Human Machine Interface (HMI) with advanced touch-screens with button, knobs & toggle switches, voice commands, and hand gesture-feedback testing.

Regalar is a Pune based tech startup that has GIS based drone-mounted solutions for monitoring solar farms and oil & gas assets. 

They provide solutions for Logistics, HR and Asset ManagementWith custom developed hardware, software, and analytics

Based in Kerala, EyeRov is India's first underwater drone, which can be useful in sectors like Ol & Gas, dams, and shipping.



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