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How Applyifi can help you create and manage an Alumni Angel Investor Group in your institute

Applyifi on Campus is a new service designed to help establish, run, and support alumni angel investor networks at universities and colleges throughout India. The notion of alumni investing in other alumni is a powerful proposition, and one that equally benefits the academic institution, alumni and the broader startup ecosystem.

Applyifi specializes in providing critical services to the startup ecosystem including application curation, application review, expert analysis, investment syndication, documentation, transaction closure, post-investment portfolio performance tracking and assistance in follow-on funding.

Central to our approach is the proprietary online Applyifi Platform, which converts startup applications into an elegant pitch deck, and provides investors with an independent analysis and scorecard of the investment-worthiness of each business.

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Applyifi can offer a full suite of services to help with the establishment and management of alumni angel networks. Below we list our core services offered.

We have less than 500 angel investors in India, and only a handful of them are active investors. We believe that the number needs to be in the thousands.

Network Establishment

  • Develop founding documentation including the network's mission statement, operating agreement, rules and guidelines.
  • Help on-board alumni who can participate in the network as founding members and selection committee members
  • Publicizing the initiative locally and nationally to attract further interest
  • Managing the requisite paperwork and legalities of forming the entity
  • Developing a smart and efficient online presence, including website with the Applyifi platform built in through white labeling.
  • Establishing a strong sense of community is critical to the success of an alumni angel network. Applyifi can help create and run an online community to connect participating angel investors, and also a forum for connecting aspiring entrepreneurs to potential mentors from within the alumni network.

Applyifi can manage the application process, including:

  • Working with the alumni angel network to establish desired investment criteria
  • Recruiting companies through the university/college alumni network (and beyond, if desired) meeting these criteria
  • Managing application process using the Applyifi platform
  • Reviewing each company and providing a detailed scorecard for each
  • Recommending companies for funding based on an in-depth understanding of the network's priorities and aims.

End-to-End Deal Flow Management

  • Curation: shortlisting relevant startups from all applicants
  • Showcasing: presenting curated and vetted startups to the investment committee
  • Investor matching: Connecting startups to individual investors within the network based on their investment thesis
  • Due dilligence on shortlisted startups
  • Structuring terms: Working with the teams and investors to close the term sheet
  • Deal closure paperwork
  • Ongoing followup including detailed monthly updates and quarterly calls for investors in portfolio companies.
  • Active cultivation of follow on investment and exit opportunities for investors.

Why Applyifi?


Managing startup recruitment, investment, and deal flow is a time consuming process that requires expert attention. Applyifi specializes in this extremely important process, saving clients valuable time that they can in turn spend on supporting high-potential companies.

Think of us as an executive search firm for the startup ecosystem. Instead of a simple review, we shortlist and then conduct in-depth analysis of each shortlisted startup including personal interactions with the founders and inputs from other industry-specific experts to uncover the best companies and those which most closely fit your criteria. We will do the heavy lifting to produce an objective and thorough assessment of each company, and manage the operational aspects of completing a transaction.

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