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Applyifi guides startups in creating a comprehensive pitch deck, and provides startups and investors a 36-point scorecard and assessment report on the startup's investment worthiness.

Think of it as a GMAT score for startups.

The Applyifi scorecard and assessment report helps entrepreneurs understand their strengths and weaknesses, and provides them actionable inputs to sharpen their plans.

Applyifi then presents high-potential startups to individual and institutional investors. We do the heavy lifting to provide an objective and thorough assessment of curated startups, so that investors can focus on a more detailed assessment only of the most relevant ones.

Beyond the review platform, Applyifi offers a range of additional services to the startup ecosystem, including: the Applyifi Investor Network, the Applyifi Startup Accelerator, alumni investor group management, outsourced deal evaluation, and sector-specific funding forums.

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We have three simple goals


Make it easier for startups to access the resources and support they need.

Help startups improve their chances of success. Hence the comprehensive business plan template, resources and workshops.

Help accelerators, incubators and investors select sensibly from the 1000s of startups that apply.

Why did we create Applyifi?


In India only a few hundred companies get angel funding every year as there is a limit to how many deals that can be done on traditional offline angel groups. We believe that the number needs to be in the thousands.

We have less than 500 angel investors in India, and only a handful of them are active investors. We believe that the number needs to be in the thousands.

We also believe that a number of experienced entrepreneurs and senior professionals, who want to support startups as angel investors, do not find a meaningful forum to invest through. At Applyifi we aim to enable this segment to co-invest small sums in high-potential startups.

We save time for entrepreneurs and investors


Startups end up giving presentations and answering questions at several investor meetings. That's a lot of time wasted in meeting several investors.

At Applyifi, we do the assessment and Q&A sessions with the startups and share it with the investor community so that startups don't have to repeat the same ritual with individual investors.

As a result, investors too do not have to go through several thousands of deals to find a few that they want to review. They can use our scorecard to focus their time on deals that have been curated and rated by experts who understand the dynamics of investing in startups.

At Applyifi we want to enable startups to raise small capital to get started


Many startups need just USD 50,000 – USD 200,000 to get started. In fact, most startups can do with USD 100,000 to go from concept to Series A.

But most traditional angel groups typically cannot do or will not do such smaller deals.

Typical seed-stage VC and angel group investments in startups are in the USD 500,000 – USD 1mn range.

At Applyifi we aim to enable startups to focus on what funding they actually need and raise smaller rounds to get started. Raising a smaller round has several benefits for the startups, as well as for the startup eco-system.

At Applyifi we aim to enable startups raise smaller rounds to get started. Raising a smaller round has several benefits for the startups, as well as for the startup eco-system.

  • A lot more entrepreneurs can get funded if the ticket sizes are smaller
  • If the startup's concept does not work out, it is far easier to move on from a business that had raised smaller capital, than from a business that had raised a larger round.
  • Typically when startups raise a larger round, if the concept does not work, the response is usually to try different things to see if the investment can be salvaged.
  • Moving on from a venture that is not working out frees the entrepreneurs & investors to pursue new opportunities.

How do we assess startups?


We do it the old fashioned way - reviewing each application, and meeting or talking to the founders of shortlisted companies. Just like any investor or investor group or VC would.

  • We identify startups and review them thoroughly. In fact, our detailed application form helps startups think through their business in detail, and that provides us the information that helps us shortlist high-potential startups that are likely to be of interest to the investor community.
  • We then shortlist high-potential startups for one-on-one meetings or Skype calls, and do a detailed assessment, just like any investor group or VC, before presenting it to their members or investment committee.
  • We then create a 36-point scorecard giving our view of the investment opportunity in that startup. In a number of cases, we are likely to advise and guide startups on strengthening their business case and business plan, thus making more startups fundable.

What is the Applyifi Investor Network?


The Applyifi Investor Network (AIN) is a forum designed to make it easier for senior professionals and experienced entrepreneurs to co-invest in curated, high-potential startups. For more information, click here or write to investors@applyifi.com

What are Applyifi Alumni Investor Groups?


Applyifi is offering a new service designed to help establish, run, and support alumni angel investor groups at universities and colleges throughout India. The notion of alumni investing in other alumni is a powerful proposition, and one that equally benefits the academic institution, alumni and the broader startup ecosystem.

Click here to know how Applyifi can help your institute create an Alumni Angel Investor Group.

What is the Applyifi Accelerator Program?


The Applyifi Accelerator Program is designed to help companies that we believe have a strong potential, but will need sharpening of their strategy and business plans to be ready for funding.

Startups shortlisted for the Applyifi Accelerator Program work with a designated mentor from our panel of investors and mentors, who guide the founders on aspects that will strengthen the business case and investment-readiness of the venture.

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